Wednesday 20th June 2018

Thought of the Day

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download (3)A rich person is he who can sleep at night knowing that he has not wronged a soul.
You will end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you
Some battles have to be fought alone, some paths have to be crossed alone, so never be emotionally attached with anyone, you never know when you have to walk alone?
When you put the blame on yourself & decide to change, things begin to go right instantly. If you persist in blaming others, peace will never come.

If we could look into each other’s hearts, and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care.
The ones who notice the storms in your eyes, the silence in your voice and heaviness in your heart are the ones you need to let in.